Tips for Hiring Landscape Contractors

The 11 biggest mistakes homeowners make and how to avoid them:

These useful landscaping Adelaide tips for hiring landscape contractors can help avoid costly mistakes and will help homeowners to avoid common mistakes made by others.

Here are 11 tips for hiring landscape contractors how you can identify them, and more importantly, avoid them:

Hire only licensed landscape contractors.

  • Landscape Contractors (C-27)
  • Swimming Pool Contractor (C-53)
  • General Building Contractor (B)

Check the contractor’s license number by calling the Contractors State License Board (800) 321-2752 or (CSLB) and California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) to make sure their license and liability insurance are current. Also check out their website if they have one.

Get three references from your prospect contractor and review past work and visit several sites if possible.

Get at least three bids. You can do this on your own by going on-line to research contractors in your area or use our recommended contractors. (If you hired a landscape designer, you should already have a set of landscape concept design plan for biding.)

Get a written contract from the contractor and do not sign anything until you completely understand the terms. Ask questions if something is not clear.

Pay 10% down or $1,000, whichever is less. This is an industry standard for a contract.

Keep records of all payments.

Don’t pay cash.

Don’t make final payment until you’re satisfied with the job.

Keep all papers relating to your project, including change orders. Just remember, if it’s not written, it does not exist.

When in doubt, hire only licensed professional contractors whose stay current with industry. A professional landscape Singapore contractor’s primarily focus should be a client’s interest first and foremost.

Do your homework before making any decisions. Not all the landscape contractors have the same specialty and skills. Your desired style should match the contractor’s ability/skills to get the most benefit.