The top secrets of Interior stylists

If you have heard the term “Interior styling” then you are probably aware that how rapidly this concept is catching fire and getting popular on social media. It is a pretty intuitive term which speaks for itself and sounds like something you need to do too but are you really sure what it is?

What is Interior styling?

Picture the beautiful house you dream of living in that looks exactly like the one you recently saw in a recent issue of an Australian home interiors magazine, or while scrolling through your Instagram feed. OR perhaps you are thinking about redecorating your home and you are virtually picking out the best rug, the perfect curtains, and maybe one of those potted plants that you once saw on a TV show.

If yes, then what you are looking for is a home stylist.

The concept of Interior styling is all about beautifying or “dressing up” a room or a house to make it feel new and trendy (but not too trendy!), all the while resonating with the homeowners’ taste and personalities.

It is no different than the job of a fashion stylist who works to give you a new and distinct makeover according to your personality, except for people, home stylists work with homes.

And though there are a number of great interior stylists in Brisbane, if you want to try your hands at styling your home yourself before going for professional help, we have got some awesome tips to get you started right away. So read on.

Take out your camera and click!

When we normally see our rooms in person, we tend to miss out on many details that matter. Capturing your room(s) in small portions will allow you to looks at them in a more objective manner, just like you would see a room in a magazine.

With the help of photographs, you will be able to more critically analyse the things that need to be changed and visualise the colours and details that can be used to replace those things.

For Property styling in Brisbane, professionals use this method to add or replace objects. To take it a notch further, you can upload the pictures on a computer and take help of editing softwares for getting a clear result.

Use a common theme

For a more beautiful and professional look, remember to use a harmonious colour scheme throughout different rooms of your house. It does not necessarily mean to make all the rooms monotonous by using a single colour, but using different hues and shades of the same colour will help in making it an easier and budget-friendly task.
You can select natural colours or pastel hues of blue because these colours are a safe choice and always look great.
Also, contrasting colours can also be selected which look good together. But since this requires a more professional eye to select the right pair of colours, make sure you have a reference to go for it.

Less is more

When we start decorating our homes, we have a high tendency of going overboard with the elements. So, remember not to over accessorise all the corners of your house. A minimalistic approach is always trendy and stylish, especially if the functional use of a room or a corner is simple, adding a clutter of vases or random paintings will make the decorations look forced and not natural. 

In the end, fresh plants and flowers are the ultimate decorations your house can ask for. And if you still feel confused while shopping for other things to add to your house, do not hesitate to ask for advice from the shopping assistant at the store where you are shopping. And with these simple tips, you will be able to bring a renaissance to your home.