The perils of hiring an unprofessional office mover

When it comes to relocating to a new residence, you would need to hire professional movers to handle the job professionally. Sure, you can always get someone else to handle the job but the question as to whether they would be able to do an adequate job of the same would arise. And furthermore, there are more than a few ‘companies’, which consider themselves, to be movers because they helped a friend or two with their relocation. And that is why you should read the rest of the article to understand the perils of hiring an unprofessional mover.

  • No insurance: One of the reasons that you would want to avoid unprofessional movers is that they would not carry any insurance and therefore, your properties and goods would not be safe, nor would they be secure. And if the company does not have the required insurance cover, then chances are that it is not a legitimate outfit either. Just search online for Auckland movers and you should get more than a few professional and licensed movers, in your current locality.
  • License: it makes sense to go with a professional moving company rather than opting for a fly by night operator who may not even have a license to move your furniture. It does not matter whether you are shifting to the next street or to the next state; the fact remains that moving company would be responsible for transporting your goods safely, without any breakages, and if they are not licensed or do not have a current valid license, you may end up with a hefty fine as well and that’s along with the fact that you would be taking a risk, with an unlicensed mover.
  • Too good to be true: If the moving company gives you an estimate before visiting your old home and reviewing the goods that need to be relocated, then chances are that it is too good to be true. It only indicates that the company in question is eager to land the contract and furthermore the rate they are quoting would also be the lowest that you may have come across. A better idea would be to search Google for office movers in Auckland and this should net you more than a few professional movers in and around Auckland.
  • Valuation coverage: When the moving firm does not offer you any valuation coverage for transporting your goods, then you can bet your last buck that the firm in question is neither licensed to move assets and properties nor is it legitimate. Valuation coverage is akin to a moving insurance, and it offers to protect a part of the total value for your goods and provides you with the required coverage. And when the firm does not offer any, which means that they lack the requisite permission.
  • Non binding estimates: if the firm in question merely offers verbal estimates and does not commit itself to paper, then that’s your cue that you need to start running for the hills. When the firm does not offer you committed estimates, which usually results in a bill that exceeds the initial estimate by a mile.
  • Online reviews: When you check out the firms background and you find that most of the reviews are poor that’s your first clue that the company is not that great or as skilled as they claim to be.
  • References: And when the company cannot provide you with references, that’s a sure sign that the firm in question is brand new or that its work to date has been sub-par. Both of these are reasons enough as to why you should choose a professional moving company as opposed to anyone else.

These are some of the pertinent reasons as to why you would want to go with a professional and not come fly by night operator.