Photographer Free Stuff


For any photographer, having access to technology is a must. Having the right software and web site is also a must. The internet offers many very good ‘must-haves’ for Christchurch photographers. This page will provide newly researched photo resources – preferably free.

What about ‘free?’ “There is no ‘free’ lunch,” right? On the internet, the reality is that there are ‘free lunches!’Many businesses are so confident in their product or service that they ‘give-away’ all or part of the product/service for free. The concept is that they have a great deal of confidence in their product/service. So much confidence, in fact, that they are convinced their product/service will prove so valuable that you and I will eventually be willing to pay for continued use of their product/service. Often, the free product/service is enough for our purposes – and you remember and feel good about the company. A win-win situation.

Another source and reason for great ‘free’ stuff is that there are still plenty of internet ‘purists’ on the internet. They feel that ‘everything’ on the internet should be ‘free.’ Many of them provide some amazingly great resources for free! Some of what they offer for free is also sold by other business for great sums of money (software, web sites, templates, etc.).