Keep Your New Project Hyped: Try Fence Advertising!

Heard fencing on farms, saw them during races, and viewed them as crowd control trick by policemen! But have you ever thought fencing can actually do some advertising too?! We mean, imagine hiring a fence rather than a model or billboard to flaunt your product! Creative marketing, but marketing it is — and there’s nothing wrong with it!

 You have a construction site. You got the temporary fence as rental from A.F.C. Rent A Fence for a solid protection from all the harmful external factors and as a firm boundary for your premises. But your site is still under work, and there’s nothing but mess and incomplete view for the crowd to peek at. If you don’t want your crowd to see your baby before it’s born or want them to keep guessing what’s cooking in here, you can use your fences wisely and create a hype about your project!

Extra ordinary advertising through fences!

Temporary fences are a mandate at any construction property. But that doesn’t mean to limit its usage. You can promote your ongoing plans fabulously through them. How? Just read below and you’ll know!

  • Create a buzz — Privacy screen creates mystery! Especially when it’s on a several feet high fence! You can obstruct the direct view to the property and create a buzz about your next venture instead! But here, we are just talking about buzz not announcement! Highlight those teaser images or features here, and let the passers by guess what you’re up-to! (You never know, some may even try to peek in to the property to know more just out of curiosity!)
  • Advertise your brand — Your fences can as well flaunt your offerings as long as they occupy the space at your property! You can create your brand awareness by flashing your name and logo on the fences. We are sure your brand name would be well versed by onlookers when the time of removing the fences arrives!
  • Entertain your viewers — Don’t let your property be just a passing by scene for everyone! Make the most optimum use by adding those motivational or funny quotes portrayed on the fences! They’ll always remember to take a look to read something exciting until one fine day your stunning new set-up would get revealed!
  • Announce your achievements— Did your company get an award recently? Or have you been listed under the top ten builders in the market? Announce all your great accomplishments here! You can also let the viewers know that your new project is going to be ready on a certain date and whether or not you are open for sale too! We are sure you are going to get one of the two — either a new buyer or a new fan!

The temporary fences that stand guarding your area may not be that tall and perhaps wouldn’t compete with a centrally placed roadside hoarding! But when you put attractive covers and stunning pictures and messages on it, they do convey the message impressively! So, the next time you are having those fences on your building ground, ensure making those promotional boards too alongside. After all, any type of marketing is publicity and public exposure never goes in vain!