Concrete Table

A public park, outdoor restaurant and schools are incomplete without the presence of concrete tables. Those strong and decorative structures meant for rough use throughout the year are known to add volumes to the beauty of the landscape design Sydney while serving the purpose of accommodating picnics, get-togethers or simply youngsters in school at their lunch or play.

What are concrete tables made of?

Concrete tables are made of precast concrete cast into different molds and then finished and polished for a smooth and ready to use surface. The table surfaces are given a quality concrete coating that is able to provide maximum protection against weather and daily use. Most of the tables are designed for outdoor commercial use and have precast table bases and legs which can be easily assembled by the supplier either on site or at his workshop. Long lasting and virtually maintenance free, concrete tables are available in different designs and styles, some even with seating arrangement in the form of concrete benches along with it.

Concrete table designs

Concrete tables come in various shapes and designs. Restaurant style concrete tables with a round or oval table top are very popular. These are also used in schools or picnic areas. Designer concrete tables are also available with separate or attached concrete benches that complement the table design. Some manufacturers have also come up with a designer concrete table that allows wheelchair access or even high chair access on one side. If this is not required, the table can be placed against a wall to create more space. These tables can also be used as an outdoor table for the backyard or patio at home.

Where to locate a concrete table supplier?

Concrete table manufacturers and suppliers are listed in most area directories or yellow pages. Landscape designers and architects would also be great sources of information for such suppliers. The Internet has numerous websites put up by such suppliers and manufacturers. Their websites also give one an idea of how the end product would look like. Although custom designs may not be possible, some suppliers do give a choice of three or four colors to suit customer choices.