Concrete Mold

Concrete mold is mainly a way of using concrete to its optimum. Concrete can be patterned or molded into any shape or pattern. Concrete molds are mainly used for decorative purposes. Sometimes they may have functional use as well. They are used in constructing stepping-stones, fountains in lawns or in the exterior of the homes.

Designs with Concrete Mold

Precast concrete molds can be used to create beautiful walkways, asphalt driveways Perth and patios or just about anything, which requires concrete mold to resemble brickwork or cobblestone. The concrete, using cement, other aggregates and available colors, is mixed and poured into the reusable molds to create entire lengths of pathways. Curing takes time and the surface of the concrete after it has been laid and is dry, may require the use of sealers to smoothen as well as strengthen the surface. Molds can also be custom-made and are affordable with the added benefit of being reusable.

How is a Concrete Mold Prepared?

Mold release is applied to the mold keeping in mind that too much of it is not used. The cement is mixed according to instructions or quantity required and is then poured into the mold. Half of the required quantity is poured into the mold. After shaking and tapping the bottom of the mold for the cement to settle in, the other half of the cement mixture is also poured into the mold. The mold is again shaken and tapped for the top surface to become flat and even. The mold must be kept in a dry area for at least 24 hours to dry completely. To unmold the stone, the mold is turned upside down and is lightly tapped to take out the stone.

Uses of Concrete Mold

Concrete mold is used more for decorative purposes. Lawns, designed landscapes, paths, walls, fountains or even steps to entries or decks can be decorated using concrete mold. Precast concrete can be designed to resemble people, animals or even abstract objects or themes. Long lasting and virtually maintenance free, concrete mold is very popular with homeowners who have huge lawn area available for decoration or design.