All the Instances when you surely need to get an Electrical Inspection Done!

Electrical safety is of utmost importance, whether you stay at your own home or in a rented house. Whether it’s your own responsibility or your landlord’s, it is a crucial matter and should be dealt with total seriousness. An electric inspection plays a major role as it ensures that your home is in a perfect electrical condition. It guarantees that the wiring and other electrical components of your property is working well, and doesn’t pose a threat to your family. So, you can imagine how important it is.

Well, tenants too are family. And as a responsible landlord, both in legal and moral essence, you need to make sure that your property is electrically safe. An electrical safety certificate validates just that. It is an important piece of paper that’s issued by a certified electrician. It declares that all the electrical circuits and appliances of the property have been properly inspected, and are completely safe to use. It’s recommended that, as a landlord, you should get the electrical system of your property checked every three to five years. Every responsible landlord has an updated landlord electrical safety certificate and Oakley Electrical Contractors Ltd. and likewise services help in obtaining that. They offer certified electricians who help to thoroughly check your property for any faults and repair the same.

When should you get an electrical inspection done

We all understand the importance of electricity in our lives and also the danger that it brings with it. Whether it’s your own family, or your tenants, safety comes first. That’s the reason you should call up a licensed electrician in Cwmbran every now and then.  They can have your property thoroughly checked for any electrical loopholes. But, knowing exactly when you need to do an electrical inspection can be quite tricky. So, we are here to tell you just that:

  • Before buying a property: Before you commit to buying a house, it’s very important to diagnose any dangerous electrical situations beforehand. It may be quite risky and expensive after the property has been purchased. An electrical inspection is sometimes included in the pre-purchase inspection list, but you should check, just in case it’s not. If the building inspection doesn’t cover it, it is advised that you hire an efficient electrician and test everything before you start living on the property.
  • Old house: It is very important to get an electrical inspection done if your house is old, particularly over 25 years old. Also, get it checked if the wiring is old, or any DIY work had been carried out. There may be instances where you experience electrical issues like regular tripped circuit breakers or power shortages etc. This implies that there’s something wrong somewhere. Having a complete electrical inspection will bring to light any potential hazards or deficiencies.
  • After major storms or flood: To be honest, storms and floods can have disastrous impacts on the electrical system of your home. Any electrical faults caused by a major storm could turn out to be quite dangerous for you and your family. If the property has been flooded over, then electrical appliances, installations, wirings, power outlets etc. need to be checked as soon as the water subsides. Do not touch anything electrical in the meantime.
  • On a regular basis: And finally, apart from such certain situations, you need to keep up a regular maintenance of anything electrical stuff in your home. If you are a tenant, contact your landlord in case of any electrical issues, no matter how casual it may look. Your landlord is entitled to provide an electrically safe property, and s/he shall ensure that by having an inspection done by a certified electrician ASAP.

So, now you know what the occasions are when calling over a licensed electrician becomes mandatory. Keep these in mind, and as a responsible tenant or landlord, stay electrically safe.