10 Ideas For a Modern Kitchen

Earlier, the kitchen was just a space for preparing food and cleaning dishes. Now it is much more than that. A kitchen is an interactive space of a house that brings everyone together. Modern interior designs are moving towards the idea of merging the living room and kitchen, to form a singular open space.

So what are some features that you can add to your kitchen to give it the modern appeal? Carry on reading and get ready to be inspired-

1. Knock Down the Wall

This might seem a little drastic, but hear us out. Most traditionally built kitchens are completely cut off from the rest of the house. Family members sitting in the living room and those working in the kitchen have to resort to shouting through the walls to communicate.

Those kitchen walls barely serve any purpose. Unlike a bedroom or a bathroom, there is no need for privacy in the kitchen. So knock down the walls. It will make the space open up tremendously. And there won’t be anymore shouting!

2. Island

A seating area makes a space inviting. So make your kitchen inviting by adding an island to the space. It can double up as a work surface, a desk, a breakfast table, storage unit and even a bookshelf!

The customisation possibilities for kitchen islands are endless. You can have a rustic wooden island or go for laminate kitchen benchtops. A kitchen island is an excellent way to make the kitchen more interactive, as it doesn’t isolate the cook. You can cook while your guests can sit and hang out on the other side of the island. It’s a win-win.

3. Tile It Down

Are you are not completely on board with having a merged living and kitchen space? Then get creative with tiles. You can have an open space but segregate the kitchen area by installing statement tiles. This will give an illusion of a separate space while keeping up with the open floor plan. It’s the best of both worlds.

Just reach out to reputed kitchen installation experts to find the best tiles for your kitchen.

4. Open Shelving

Instead of stuffing your beautiful crockery in cabinets, flaunt them on open shelves! Not only it is a much cheaper option than closed cabinets, it makes the space bright and welcoming. It happens all the time that you are looking for a particular pot, so you have to open and search every single cabinet and drawer. This is where open shelving leads the race. It is much easier to display, organise and store kitchenware on open shelves.

5. Skylight

Kitchens are usually dark and dingy without any source of natural light. If that’s the case then a skylight is an excellent solution. A skylight makes the space brighter, adds visual appeal and also reduces electricity consumption.

6. Herb Wall

This is a fun DIY project you can try your hand at. Creating a vertical herb garden will give you fresh herbs whenever you want. Moreover, it will add a touch of freshness and greenery to your kitchen. And it barely takes up any space!

7. Pot Filler

If you have to cook large quantities of food for your family, then a pot filler will make it a bit easier for you. How many times have you spilled water while carrying it from the sink to the stove? We are guessing countless times.

A pot filler solves this inconvenience. With a swinging water faucet mounted on top of your stove, a pot filler is immensely useful.

8. Built-In Rubbish and Recycling

A built-in rubbish will make your kitchen neat and sleek. Such enclosed garbage and recycling bins have several advantages such as the garbage will be out of sight, you pets or kids can’t reach it and it won’t take up any floor space.

9. Creative Storage Solutions

You can get customised storage for your kitchen in order to maximise its utility. A great example is a pull-out spice rack. It helps you organise all the little containers and gives easy access to whatever you need. If you have a narrow space beside your oven or any other appliances, then you can get a custom bookshelf built for that space and use it to display cookbooks.

10. Coffee Bar

A coffee bar will complete your kitchen. Set up a space with a coffee machine, a selection of coffee pods, sugars and it’s ready to go. This will certainly make your kitchen welcoming.

Hopefully, these ideas inspired you to transform your kitchen and invest in some modern features.