Know all about asbestos removal while buying a property!

Did you know that one of the most common forms of insulation that was earlier used in homes could pose a great threat to the health of your family and even the ones who come to visit?! The substance we are talking about is asbestos. It’s carcinogenic, and poses serious health risks to humans, especially when it’s exposed during construction activities. You should get it removed from your home as soon as you detect it, and call for professionals to do so. And if you aren’t sure of its presence, you could definitely call over the experts to get it tested.

But what if you are considering buying a property, and have no idea whether it contains this dangerous, cancer causing substance? Buying an old property, and whether or not it comes with asbestos, is a great bet in itself. It could be very difficult to choose a property without asbestos in it if you don’t test for it. To deal with asbestos is never a safe thing, and it’s highly recommended that you contact an asbestos testing specialist. Melbourne based Asbestos Australia Pty Ltd. is one of the most professional, trustworthy asbestos removalists you can go for. They will come to you, for on-site testing with their advanced tool kit, state of the art equipment and trained staff.

All that you need to know about asbestos removal

It’s highly probable that you may have one of the most dangerous, carcinogenic materials present in your home or the property you are about to buy. If you don’t know what we are talking about, you need to Google Asbestos. Asbestos was once known as the ‘magic mineral’ but, in today’s time it’s more of a nuisance than a blessing. If you come to know that there is asbestos in your property, you would need to hire a service that offers asbestos removal in Melbourne, western suburbs etc.

  • Asbestos: First and foremost, what is asbestos? Well, asbestos is a mixture of fibrous materials which can withstand fire, heat, water, and electricity. This is the reason why it was extensively used in building materials all over the world since centuries. However, later it was known that asbestos is a highly dangerous and toxic material. It cannot be seen by the naked eye, but there are tiny particles, capable of causing much destruction.
  • Detecting asbestos: Now as we already said, these particles are super tiny, unseen to the human eye, but you could inhale up to 10, 000 particles each day. They are mostly situated behind a drywall and it stays hidden behind walls for decades, without the residents even knowing what they are in for. This becomes even truer when the old house is sold to a new buyer, who is completely unaware about the risk he’s getting himself into. So, before you buy any property, especially the older ones, you should do a bit of research regarding the date it was built. Also, if there have been any repairs done later on, you should be provided with documents that certify the asbestos was removed efficiently.
  • How is asbestos harmful: Asbestos is a highly toxic material and should be done away with in time. Parents should be concerned about their children living in asbestos filled home. Asbestos is capable of causing long term damage to anyone who breathes in this toxic particles. Asbestos contains fibres which when inhaled, reaches the lungs, and causes various respiratory disorders. It’s also known to cause other serious diseases like cancer and mesothelioma.
  • Asbestos removal: Well, this is hands down, the most important part of the story. Asbestos removal is an extremely dangerous process and requires the utmost patience and precision. It will start with an initial inspection which will identify the problematic areas of the property, followed on by the removal. There are many tests, rigorous tests, which are conducted on a property to test for asbestos. You might think it’s best to save the cash and try to remove the asbestos yourself, but we strictly advise you not to. This is a highly sensitive matter and you should only hire a professional to do it. Do not put yourself at risk of exposure and take the help of experts for the peace of mind.

So, this is mostly all that you would need to know regarding the presence and removal of asbestos in your homes or properties. So, along with fixing the deal on your new (read old) property, you should ensure to check for asbestos; and if found, remove it thoroughly before stepping foot inside. That’s how you can actually live a long and healthy life.