How can you Spot real Brick Slips from Fake Ones? It isn’t that Difficult After All!

Brick slips are one of the best ways to bring on that rustic vibe to your home and its walls. They are quite trending these days. Homeowners, commercial place owners etc. are using brick slips to decorate their properties. Using brick slips for cladding results in a type of light-weight layering that gives the walls or the building the look of natural bricks. Brick slips and tiles can be made up of a variety of materials such as natural clay, acrylic, ceramic etc.

Needless to say, installing brick slips helps to elevate the look of any space by giving an exposed brick look to the building. Or instead of going for full brickwork, you could create your own unique design by having only some brick sections coupled with something else. Basically, if you want your walls to be showcasing something that’s quite in vogue, go for brick slip cladding. Apex Tilers is a company that knows how to make the best use of brick slips for your property. They are a leading tiling company, who began their journey in 2007, and are popular for offering quality products, services, and workmanship to their valuable clients.

6 foolproof ways to spot real brick slips from fake ones

So, we can safely say that brick slip tiles are becoming quite popular and aren’t going out of trend anytime soon. However, this growing popularity has certain drawbacks, such as the proliferation of fake or faux brick slips. Real brick cladding obviously has the upper hand over faux brick cladding. Faux brick tiles won’t end up giving you the same finish as real ones! The reason behind this is the unique finish of real brick slips that’s the result of treating the natural clay under intense heat (unlike faux ones). So, if you don’t want to get cheated, it’s time you know how to note the differences between the two:

  1. Colour: As soon as you ask any London based Tile Company to provide you with good quality brick slips, the first thing you should notice is the colour. Since fake ones are made from concrete or mortar and given a colour using dyes, they show fading. You can instantly tell from its faux pinkish red appearance as compared to the richer red hued, non-faded, real clay ones.
  2. Texture: The texture is one of the main things that a real brick slip can boast about. Real brick slips have a texture that’s rustic and authentic, as they are moulded by heat. Faux ones have manipulated textures that make them look unnatural and inexpensive.
  3. Easy installation: Faux brick slips come precast in fabrics and so are considered to be very easy to install. But, it’s quite the contrary. Installing faux brick slips using adhesives is much harder. Real brick slips come in the form of separate tiles, making the installation super-easy and convenient.
  4. Weight: Real brick slips are generally much heavier than the faux ones. However, this isn’t a bad thing, as undeniably, real brick slips last for a much longer time. The heavy weight actually gets converted into higher integrity of the tiles.
  5. Fireproof nature: Real brick slips, which are made up of natural clay, are also much stronger in the safety department. They are virtually fireproof as compared to their faux counterparts. This fireproof-ness adds yet another feather to the cap of real brick slips.
  6. Cost: And finally, we come to the cost factor of the story. A dirt-cheap price tag is the greatest validation of the product being a faux brick slip. Clay brick slips aren’t that easy to make, and greater the quality, longer the life and higher the price. So, make sure the money that you spend is worth it and returned many times over.

So, are you ready to take the challenge? Are you confident enough to spot a real brick slip amongst a pile of faux ones? If you answered yes to the above questions, well, our job is well done!